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This company is run by a coyple of ignorant racist bullies. DO NOT work for the Flint location they dont pay on time and they think bullying by a third party is grown up the owner is pathetic and shoukd Not be running a company. It needs to be shut down completely.

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Stay away! This company has two guys that work for a crappy apt and they accuse people of making noise when they're not and write up false complaints!! They are also really rude and unkind!!

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I took my grandchildren to pool ,i was watching two child. Signal 88 accuses me of being drunk an repeating in my face that i am drunk. I did hav a big 7-11 cup with ice an lemonade,since when does lemonade get u drunk. Their customer service sucks. Do not use thesr people. Guard ask me to leave pool with my grandchildren an did assault an battery on me. I was trying to leave in my car an he did put his hand on my hand an yanked my keys out... Read more

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I've dealt with Ryan Lemmer in the past. Stay awAy from this guy. A true thief. Read all the complaints about him

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Ryan Lemmer is a thief and is being investigated. Stay away from this company, doesnt provide service and doesnt pay his staff. He is a known scam artist who runs businesses to the ground. Please be careful.Many other repuable security companies to look to. if you want to get scammed then call Ryan lemmer, he knows how to do that well. Hopefully this will be the last time! Many other complaints from other clients/mangement/staff. Operates in... Read more

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