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Ryan lemmer and all of his "management" management are a joke. They use and abuse there employees.

They put them in unsafe locations and when officers state it is unsafe they don't care. Not to mention at least in ct they go through managers constantly. The old owner actually cared about his employees. There armed division is a joke as the officer are unable to do anything under Lemmer.

His officers are also the furthest thing from a real security officer. I was able to walk into a site that they were "searching" for weapons with 2 pocket knifes, nail clippers, and two firearms with 3 mags of ammo. This was done with permission from the owner of the establishment. He also refuses to let people go on an ethical basis.

He will suspend you for 2 weeks then bring u in for a "meeting" and terminate you. If you want to work for them or use them for services I would run far away.

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