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Wow!!! The worst *** security company I have ever worked for in my entire life.

I'm so happy I was the first one to actually leave a legit and truthful review because the first one is a lie. To begin, employees are seen as pieces of ***. Second, I was a patrol driver last year and it was good at first but then the perverted manager hired a female to take my hours but I wasn't even mad though cause the vehicle broke down three times and one of the times I was in front of another security vehicle. How embarrassing is that?

Thank goodness I left to a better company that offers benefits and actually appreciates my work with yearly raises. My cousin started with the company a little after I left and she told me all the stories of how the manager would hire females based off looks and not experience. She was only with the company for two weeks after the manager tried hitting on her. The company is still *** to work for and I advise anyone that is looking for a security job to find something better..

By the way there is no set schedule and the hours change all the time. The manager would always tell me that the reason for not having a set schedule, being disrespected and not getting paid a certain way is because of the CEO's (as he stated) is a greedy, selfish ***... By the way, I just googled him and he's the same guy that left the first review. How pathetic!

Instead of going online and lying to the public Ryan, you should learn how to be a good CEO and actually learn to care for your employees. You take advantage of employees that actually struggle by using termination as a threat. Private security? More like public embarrassment.

Just recently I was at Denny's in Hartford and saw the vehicle (working) or whatever the *** they were doing cause the lights weren't even on. Some high quality service you provide there buddy, how professional. To conclude I suggest everyone to run far away from Signal 88 Security. Ps.

My comment got deleted when i went to write a review on google.

You should see his comment about the signal 88 company in new britain on google. Such a joke!!!!

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My husband isn't being paid his earned income! We've struggled and lost our home now our storage unit may be lost!

My sons ashes/remains and his memorial flowers are in there! Everything we own is in there! Pay my husband! Before everything we own is lost!

Including our car payment which is due! Refusing to answer calls isn't nice!

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